An EPIC® Evolution Making a Good Thing Better


Jobsite conditions and expectations change. Concrete mixes evolve. And our technological and chemical expertise enables us to constantly look for new solutions to new challenges.

Arclin is rolling out enhanced overlay products in 2014, most notably its EPIC 3333 overlays. The new overlays are designed for greater durability and consistency, from panel plant to jobsite.

Enhancements to Arclin’s EPIC® suite of concrete forming overlays:

Base Paper 
Combines different types of
woods with both short and long fibers

Allows for uniform resin penetration
Paper gains strength and durability

Tougher in the field even in wet harsh conditions

Gives more consistent concrete finishes

Reduces separation or delamination

Offers easier release

Proprietary MD3000 resin more uniformly saturates the overlay base sheet Simplifies and speeds panel production

Creates stronger internal bonds

Offers greater durability even with high alkaline concrete mixes


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