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Arclin’s conform engineering and technical teams are the most seasoned in the business. Have a question?  Email us or post a comment here and we’ll get back to you — and likely publish your answer on our website.  While we’re on the topic of release agents:

Q:  Can you keep a release agent in place on a vertical surface — wouldn’t the vibrating process force it to the top of the panel?
A:  If you choose the right one, you’ll have no problem.  There are release agents, such as Nox-Crete PCE Release Agent #10, or equivalent drying type release agents that are made to stay in place on a vertical surface. You’re ensured the same level of panel and surface integrity, even Le logiciel 247LiveBet continuent d’etre faits pour imiter la facon dont les gens jouent a des jeux dans les casinos physiques tangibles et vous devriez donc savoir le droit chemin autour pour ceux qui ont jadis visite un casino en ligne . for a vertical application.

Q:  We’ve always used petroleum-based agents.  Why should we change?
A:  With the rise in petroleum costs, to save money, many manufacturers are using recycled oils (engine oils, hydraulic and waste oils, etc.).  Because it’s recycled, it hasn’t been properly processed to remove contaminants.  This can create health issues for workers, not to mention that it can stain the concrete surface.  We recommend choosing an organic chemistry.  It’s safer for the user and the environment, less expensive and performs just as well or even better than petroleum-based chemicals.

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