Arclin’s workhorse just gets better

jobsiteAt Arclin we’re always looking for ways to make great products even better, to find new applications for proven chemistries, to put our expertise and knowledge to work in new markets.

But sometimes it’s important to pause and acknowledge those products with consistent, proven performance — like our workhorse EPIC® HDO’s used in 2252 & 2253 HDO panel construction.

Arclin has a strong family of concrete forming overlays, each with its own advantage in various applications. But the HDO overlay, says Mike Bunn, Technical Sales Manager — Plywood, is the product “you can use anywhere, anytime. And especially where you want a better finish.”

Bunn explains, “HDO consistently outperforms one of its primary competitive products — non-overlaid BB-OES — in the field. HDO gives many more pours and yields a much better finish on concrete than plywood, so it’s great for commercial, institutional and multifamily projects. Because of its extended life and quality of finish, HDO remains a great value.”


Extends panel life by up to 10 times that of non-overlaid BB-OES panels

Resists high-alkaline concrete better than BB-OES plyform

Available with FSC chain of custody certification

May contribute to LEED MR Credits 2.1 and 2.2 for waste reduction and MR Credits 3.1 and 3.2 for material reuse

Carries Arclin’s E-Gen® designation