How do we grow the market?


We asked – you answered

We recently ran a survey on how we might collaborate in order to grow the market for overlaid conform panels.  We said we’d share the results — and here they are. A resounding 78% of respondents cited lack of downstream knowledge as the greatest challenge in achieving the growth that we all know is possible.

It’s clear that we need more educational tools that distributors can use downstream to educate their customers/contractors on the benefits of conform versus other, more died-in-the-wool options.

What kind of tools will help us achieve this?

  • 56% of respondents said that virtual training/webinars would be an effective way to educate the market driving sales
  • 44% said educational tools for distributors such as videos, literature on the benefits and attributes of each option and information that they can use to educate contractors on making better buying decisions, based on the technology that is currently available, are vital.

So how do we get these tools into your hands? Let’s pool our resources. Help us create a real tool box for you, and for your customers, along with a simple ‘How To Use’ guide that will help them pass the information downstream.

With the right tools in hand we can show them how to:

  • Post links on their websites to articles on the advantages of conform vs other solutions
  • Email relevant articles to their own customers with easily printable files that can be used as handouts
  • Print and distribute copies of newsletters and articles highlighting the benefits of conform
  • Leverage social media by placing links to industry web pages, white papers and images of conform appearing in new ways with links on LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages or Instagram.

If you’d like to work with us in creating the elements we all need, Contact Us. The more tools at our customers’ disposal, the higher the chances of increased informational flow.