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Q: What causes concrete to show patterns or stains around the edges?

A: These are usually signs that the edges of the panel haven’t been properly sealed. That allows water to seep into the plywood under the overlay and transfer patterns or stains to the concrete. This concrete water absorption can also result in “picture framing” where the perimeter of the form panel will be darker than the The major benefits of such a machine besides the marketability and competitiveness to other slot machines and pure electronic or video games and gaming devices are:(1) Prevention of tampering of the game to create illegal wins and payoffs. center.

To prevent this problem, make sure your conform panels are sealed all around the edges. It’s best to use a quality edge-sealer designed for this application, but even a good quality acrylic paint will help. You should also re-seal scuffed edges and fastener openings between uses.

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Kraft Paper FAQs

Are there any advantages to using Kraft (brown) base paper as opposed to bleached Kraft base paper for concrete form overlays?

Yes, there are two key advantages to the Kraft paper forms: lower costs and lower environmental impacts.

A peer-reviewed study looked at the lifecycle impacts of manufacturing 1,250 tons of natural Kraft paper compared to making the same amount of bleached paper. Manufacturing bleached paper would use almost 800 tons more of wood from approximately 5,800 more trees than the Kraft paper would require.

The additional energy used to make the bleached paper instead of Kraft paper would supply the energy needs of 59 American homes for one year (38 million Btus vs. 33 million.) The total energy required to make the bleached paper would also create over a half a million tons more carbon dioxide than the CO2 resulting from natural Kraft paper manufacturing.

Bleached paper manufacturing also creates much more wastewater than kraft paper –about 15 million gallons more, or enough to fill 23 swimming pools.

In addition, the cost of titanium dioxide, used in the bleaching process, is rising. And according to a report from Dow Chemical, the demand for titanium dioxide should remain strong through 2012. (See

So on both cost and environmental impact, Kraft paper is the better choice. That’s why Arclin uses natural Kraft base paper for all its Medium Density Overlay (MDO) panels. High Density Overlays (HDOs) are available with either bleach Kraft or natural Kraft base papers.