Going Up!

Commercial construction is still rising—and taking demand for concrete with it



U.S. Census Bureau employment data shows that areas within a three-mile radius of city centers are increasing the number of jobs at a healthy clip, while job growth in suburban areas has begun to decline. And in those city centers, the only way to grow is up—in high-rise construction that often demands concrete.

There’s more driving the growth in concrete use than its long-standing usage for structural building. Some projections call for architectural concrete to see the fastest-growing demand through 2015, driven by the popularity of decorative facades and surface walls. Concrete floors are also growing in popularity, thanks to the many options available in color and surface textures.

Inside or out, in floors and walls, in commercial garages and upscale offices, concrete is going up.



Market Segment Consensus Growth Forecasts20152016
• Overall nonresidential building7.7%8.2%
• Commercial / industrial11.8% 10.4%
• Hotels15.3%10.4%
• Office buildings 12.9%11.5%
• Industrial facilities
• Retail 10.1%9.0%
• Institutional5.0%5.4%
• Amusement / recreation 9.1%5.3%
• Education 4.7%5.2%
• Healthcare facilities4.7%6.2%
• Public safety1.7%%3.6
• Religious1.2%3.6%

Source: AIA