Right product, right place.

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Creating the best conform panel requires technical know-how, and sometimes, a little collaboration.

From the manufacture of conform overlays to the production of the panels, Arclin and its customers have one goal: To ensure the end-use customer is satisfied with the product and the resulting concrete finish.

Arclin EPIC® Overlays for Concrete Forming:

High Alkaline Overlays resist the high alkaline content found in many newer concrete mixes — and they can withstand more pours than many of their predecessors, if used properly. The more care that’s taken with the panel the more pours it will yield.

The same chemistries that enable HAO to perform with these harsh additives mean that it requires a bit more care to make it last. So how do you make the best use of Arclin’s EPIC® HAO?

  • Predrill.  The same polymer that makes HAO tough makes it slightly more brittle than other overlays. Predrilling before nailing or screwing in the panel reduces the chance of damaging it.
  • Handle with care. If scraping is required, Arclin recommends using non-metal tools to scrape and clean the surface of HAO between uses.
  • Sharpen tools. Make sure drill bits, nails, screws and other tools are clean and sharp before using them on HAO, to minimize chances of fracturing or chipping the overlay.
  • Use the right release agent. Use a chemically active release agent (Nox-Crete or equivalent) instead of just an oil or barrier coating. The right release agent makes cleaning easier.


Achieving the goal of producing a panel that performs requires that the panel manufacturer and Arclin work together to take into account such issues as:

  • The type of pressing equipment used.
  • Temperature, humidity and other environmental factors in the panel plant.
  • The quality and type of backing panel for the overlay.

The panel maker in turn must get answers from the end-user about what they need and expect, including:

  • How many reuses does the customer want from a panel?
  • Is the concrete high alkaline?
  • What concrete finish does the customer want? Smooth, architectural, brushed, etc?
  • What are the conditions on the jobsite? Tough weather and methods of storage can affect a panel’s life and performance

That need for collaboration to ensure the best possible results inspired Arclin to build a sales team that combines technical, sales and account support—so that customer and end-user needs are considered right along with logistics and quality control. “A consolidated approach ensures everything from manufacturing to delivery and downstream product performance are equally important ” says Arclin Technical Sales Manager Mike Bunn. “That makes us all part of a knowledgeable team, and Arclin offers a 24-7 support system ,” he says.

Enhancements to Arclin’s EPIC® suite of concrete forming overlays:

Base Paper 
Combines different types of
woods with both short and long fibers

Allows for uniform resin penetration
Paper gains strength and durability

Tougher in the field even in wet harsh conditions

Gives more consistent concrete finishes

Reduces separation or delamination

Offers easier release

Proprietary MD3000 resin more uniformly saturates the overlay base sheet Simplifies and speeds panel production

Creates stronger internal bonds

Offers greater durability even with high alkaline concrete mixes