Old Habits Die Hard

Contractors, specifiers continue to use more expensive materials

It seems like a no-brainer:  BBOE is more expensive today than conform panels with MDO overlays. MDO panels offer up to twice as many re-uses as the BB panel, give a better-looking finish and can significantly reduce jobsite waste and contribute to LEED credits.

So why then do some contractors continue to use raw BB?  In a word, says Jeff Linn, responsible for plywood mills sales for concrete construction chemical manufacturer, Nox-Crete.

The choice of BB is rooted for many in the confidence that comes with dealing with familiar materials and with a lack of understanding among specifiers, architects and contractors of the advantages of overlaid conform panels over BB.

(Further proof of value:  Arclin’s Enhanced Flow MDO adds an additional three to five pours to traditional MDO. A quick look at the math proves that one extra pour pays for the cost difference between the panels. And its resistance to alkaline concrete mixes helps the panel last even longer plus creates a better finish.)

So as an industry, how do we combat habits among our downstream product users that are costing them needless time and money and avoiding clear environmental benefits?

In another word:  education.

“All of us in this industry can help educate our downstream customers,” says Linn. “We need to collectively provide resources and training so they can better understand the variety of forms available and how to pick the right form for the job at the best value.”

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